Florida deputies shut down sex, bottle club

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A sex club in a Brandon neighborhood? Hillsborough County sheriff’s detectives raided the club over the weekend, and what they found was quite revealing.  

“Our detectives received a complaint about this location, and they went inside, infilitrated the location and observed people having sexual encounters,” Danny Alvarez, spokesman for the sheriff’s office explained. 

“While the business was operating as a bottle club as well.”

Deputies arrested the two men and two women operating the establishment.  

James Cutter Sr., 70, James Cutter Jr., 42, Denise Falsetti, 61, and Mariya Gladushevskaya, 32, are charged with operating a bottle club without a license and operating a sexually oriented business without a license.

The business was being operated out of a home on Huntington Street in Brandon, a middle class neighborhood off of Kings Avenue, South of Lumsden.  

It was called “Sexual Encounter Center.”  

What’s unique about this particular residence is it was built before the neighborhood and sits on an acreage behind most of the houses.  

You can’t see the home from the street, which makes it well designed for concealing the volume of vehicle traffic.

Jeff Morrell has lived in the neighborhood for 14 years and prides himself as the neighborhood watchdog.  

He estimates 15-20 cars or more would be at the home on any given night.  

Many drivers looking for the home even passed by the driveway, despite the mailbox now being marked with a number of reflectors, even an arrow pointing towards the home.

Morrell believes those arrested have every right to run a club like this.  

Just not there.  

“Look, you want to play, I’m no prude. But I don’t know who’s in this crowd and everything, and I don’t want them in my neighborhood,” said Morrell.  

“I’ve got grandbabies running around. I’ve got my kids, me and my wife. That’s not… that doesn’t belong here.”

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