RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – As the average price of gas continues to climb–food delivery drivers are another industry feeling the impact.

CBS 17 had a chance to ride along with a DoorDash driver to see how the impact of gas prices changes his daily routine in the Triangle. Keishonta Mills has been a full-time Dasher for months and said it helps him pay the bills.

“You’re trying to get some money on the side or if you’re somebody like me, it’s good money, so it’s like full time,” Mills said.

We asked if the recent spike in gas prices impacted his work.

“It hasn’t influenced me changing or anything. My attitude is I’ll spend the same $20 dollars every time I go. And so, whatever the gas prices is it is; it might not last me long it might last me longer,” Mills said.

That said, another delivery driver we spoke to, Caleb Tondo, feels differently.

“It’s been pretty hard because the DoorDash pay is not really matching up to the gas prices,” Tondo said.

According to AAA, the average price for gas in North Carolina is $4.63—and its steadily rising. Both Tondo and Miller said they calculate the mileage per order before accepting because of gas.

“You’ll probably get like a $2 order or a $3 order to go like 9 miles. And it’s like that doesn’t really help me, it helps DoorDash,” Todo explained.

“You want something at least a dollar per mile or maybe 12 miles for $10 dollars. Something reasonable,” Mills told us.

DoorDash sent out a statement early Wednesday morning on how they are helping their drivers.

“We know Dashers have been feeling the sting of high gas prices, and that’s why we announced our Gas Rewards program in March to help offset rising costs. We’re proud that Dashers have used the 10% cash back benefit through DasherDirect in over 8 million transactions at U.S. gas stations and have saved an average of $0.42 per gallon at the pump. As a result of the impact of the program and Dasher feedback, we’ve extended the 10% cash back benefit through the end of the summer to continue supporting Dashers as gas prices remain elevated.”

How the program works is easy.

Let’s say a driver goes to a gas station and uses their DoorDash card for gas. He or she would spend $50 to $60 dollars on gas and get 10% back. Therefore the driver would receive an instant $5 or $6 dollars in rewards for a future fill-up. 

And just like everybody else, Tondo wishes prices could go back to what they were.

“I was bringing home a lot more than I do now. Now I can hardly bring in $200 dollars because $300 dollars goes to gas,” he said.

Mills said to help with the rising cost in prices, every tip counts.

“It makes such a big difference. Like it turns a $3 trip into a $5 trip,” he said.