HALIFAX, N.C. (WNCT) – A former Enfield Police Department lieutenant has been indicted on several charges.

The Halifax County Sheriff’s Office, acting on information received from an outside entity, began an investigation into the alleged second-degree sexual exploitation of a minor child on July 27.

During an investigation, detectives learned the suspected party was former Enfield Police Department Lt. Willie C. Murphy.

Investigators conducted a search warrant at Murphy’s residence on Friday with the assistance of the Department of Homeland Security.

While conducting the search of the residence, investigators said they located multiple items of unsealed evidence belonging to the Enfield Police Department, as well as marijuana and paraphernalia.

All unsealed and empty evidence packaging was seized by the Halifax County Sheriff’s Office and the investigation continued.

Investigators also located multiple items of evidence that appeared to have been collected from different crime scenes which had never been submitted into evidence, which is the policy of the Enfield Police Department and also as required by law.

The Halifax County Sheriff’s Office consulted the District Attorney’s office with the findings and deemed an audit of the evidence room at the Enfield Police Department was warranted as former Lieutenant Willie Murphy was the evidence custodian at the agency.

At the conclusion of the audit, additional evidence was found to be altered, damaged, or missing from within the Enfield Police Department’s evidence room.

At the conclusion of the investigation, detectives from the Halifax County Sheriff’s Office discovered 86 items of evidence that had been altered, stolen, or mishandled.

Additionally, an undisclosed amount of U.S. currency and an estimated one pound of marijuana, and other illicit drugs were discovered to be missing or unaccounted for.

Willie Cleveland Murphy was indicted on 14 counts of embezzlement by a local government employee; 18 counts of altering, destroying, or stealing criminal evidence; 18 counts of willfully failing to discharge duties; and four counts of obstructing justice.

The Halifax County Sheriff’s Office is continuing to investigate the initial allegations of sexual exploitation of a minor child and anticipates further charges.