RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Friday, June 17 is Founder’s Day for CBS17’s parent company, Nexstar Media. 

There are events going on across the country at 200 different television stations over the weekend, including in the Triangle. 

CBS17 crews spent Friday at Healing Transitions in Raleigh, picking up paintbrushes and paint buckets to help revamp the building that gives people a second chance in life.

The organization provides treatment to homeless men and women who are suffering from addictions.

“I came here from prison and I had ruined my life,” explained April Shaw.

Shaw walked through the door’s at the women’s campus in 2020. After 12 months and 10 days, she walked out a different person.

“This program saved my life,” said Shaw.

It was a life Shaw said was full of addiction and lacked purpose. Now, she has one.

“We help sick and suffering alcoholics and addicts get back on their feet. We give them a chance. We love them here, until they can love themselves,” said Shaw.

She works for the very same organization that helped her. Each day, Shaw sees other women working through their own struggles.

“My heart smiles because I know the struggle and I know it’s hard to come in here,” she explained. 

She believes there are blessings in giving back.

“It saves lives. This is a program that gives back. As much as you put into it, you get more. The more you put, the more you get back,” said Shaw.

Shaw loves when others do their part to help each other.

She was grateful that CBS17 spent their day volunteering and sprucing up the place so many women call home.

“They’re giving their time. It’s just like everything comes full circle,” she said.