APEX, N.C. (WNCN) — A higher price at the pump means boaters are spending more at the cash register, but they’re not letting it keep them off the water this summer.

“Right now, we’re charging $6.20 a gallon,” John Norton, the owner of the marina at Crosswinds Campground, said of the pumps they have on the docks.

One boater we spoke with says he spent $107 for half a tank in his boat on Sunday, but he’ll keep heading out, no matter how much it costs.

“Nothing is going to stop me from coming out here and hanging out with the kids and friends and family, it’s just too much fun, it’s worth it to me,” Michael Shanklin said.

The cost at a marina is high – even higher than gas you get at a station. Since this time last year, the price has nearly doubled.

“I think last year at this time we were at $3.89 a gallon, and now we’re at $6.20, so it’s a dramatic increase over the year,” Norton said.

While gas isn’t the main money-maker at the marina, Norton says they’re still taking a hit.

“In fact, we cut our margin a bit just to keep our price as low as we could,” he said.

But boaters we spoke with say it’s a hobby they’re not giving up, even if that means making gas money a priority.

“We always have a budget we maintain, and definitely the gas budget affects other areas, some give or take scenarios, we have trade-offs,” Shanklin said.

The gas that boaters are filling up with right now was actually bought a few weeks ago, so when the marina buys gas the next time, it’ll likely cost even more.