GasBuddy: 69% of NC’s gas stations without fuel; AAA warns to stop panic buying

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RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — According to GasBuddy, 74 percent of all North Carolina gas stations were without fuel as of late Wednesday.

As of 11 p.m. Wednesday, GasBuddy said the following state’s gas stations are without gas:

  • Georgia: 50 percent
  • Alabama: 9 percent
  • Tennessee: 27 percent
  • South Carolina: 53 percent
  • North Carolina: 74 percent
  • Florida: 29 percent
  • Virginia: 56 percent
  • Maryland: 31 percent
  • Mississippi: 6 percent
  • West Virginia: 6 percent
  • Washington, D.C.: 42 percent
  • New Jersey: 1 percent
  • Delaware: 5 percent

Being able to finally fuel up was a moment of relief for Jessica Royal.

“I’ve been sitting at this pump for over 30, 40 minutes now,” said Royal, a Fayetteville resident, on Tuesday.

She drove half an hour to Dunn from Fayetteville to find some fuel.

Others weren’t so lucky. Long lines and out of gas signs are all that greeted them on their search.

“Searching probably ever since 9 this morning when I started for work. I’m not on E but I was just trying to fill up my tank and everywhere I went was out of gas,” said Lashaunda Allen, of Godwin.

The gas shortage comes after a ransomware attack on the Colonial Pipeline. Gov. Roy Cooper issued a state of emergency and law against price gouging. Still, experts say it’s no reason to panic buy at the pump.

“They’re topping off their car when they don’t need to, they’re taking the entire fleet of family vehicles and they’re filling those up, they’re taking gas cans and they’re filling those up. When you have that kind of behavior at the pump you’re seeing all these long lines,” said AAA spokesperson Tiffany Wright. “I mean that’s what’s led to the shortages it’s not a supply issue. Sometimes as consumers we can be our own worst enemies.”

While the situation is an inconvenience for many, some say during these times it could always be worse.

“I’ve been through the COVID-19 pandemic. This is small. So it’s just a matter of me finding a tank with gas in it,” said Sherry Causer, of Dunn.

In a statement Tuesday, pipeline officials said that they’re preparing to push out an additional 2 million barrels of gasoline when their systems do restart. There’s no word on exactly when that might be.

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