STEM, N.C. (WNCN) – Granville County communities came together Saturday for a parade that celebrated Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas all in one event.

The town of Stem’s Ruritan Club organized the day to make sure fun and safety were at the top of the agenda.

All participants had to adhere to a set of parade rules, meant to help avoid the deadly incident seen in Raleigh’s Christmas parade last year, when an 11-year-old performer was struck by a truck towing a float.

“The conversation was how can we put the vehicles in the parade and honor what happened to Hailey. Try to be safe and have a safe parade moving forward,” said Lee Clayton, the president of the Stem Ruritan Club.

A state-certified inspector checked all participating vehicles for working emergency breaks before the parade began.

“Important that we have proper breaks. Not a low brake pedal. A low brake pedal would eliminate you from driving over here in a parade with people’s lives sitting in danger,” said Bobby Clayton, the inspector.

In addition to brake checks, the town’s new safety guidelines include an 18-year age minimum for revelers who throw candy to the crowd.

Organizers said they want to make sure participants can throw items far enough away from parade vehicles, so young children don’t run into the path.