RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Many Fourth of July celebrations are set to start Friday night, ahead of the holiday weekend.

But as pet owners know, those loud noises can be frightening for their four-legged friends.

Studies show about 40 percent of dogs have noise anxiety.

That means things like thunderstorms, construction, and fireworks can set them off.

“This is the number one day of the year that dogs escape and get let out. When dogs are anxious, sometimes they escape or they’ll be trembling or crying. They may hide or things like that,” said Sarah Tappe, who works with Thunderworks.

Thunderworks is a company that helps pet owners reduce anxiety for their furry friends in any way possible.

Reports indicate that there’s about a 30 percent increase of missing dogs and cats over the Fourth of July holiday weekend.

To prevent that from happening, there are things pet owners can do at home to keep their pets safe and calm.

The number one tip is to keep them inside—it automatically reduces the risk of a dog or cat escaping.

WNCN photo/Hayley Fixler

Tappe also said that pet owners should get creative, and even advises making a zen room for the pets filled with their favorite toys and comfort items, to keep them occupied.

She told CBS 17 it’s all about preparation.

“If you know your dog is going to be anxious on the Fourth, or if they’re nervous around loud noises, make sure they get a lot of exercise that day,” said Tappe. “The more energy they get out ahead of time, the less pent-up energy they have for their anxiety that night.”

Thunderworks has a line of anxiety-reducing items, like treats and a calming vest called the ThunderShirt.

Experts also advise making sure tags on pets are up to date, so if they do get escape, they are easily found and returned.