RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Monday’s weather was pretty gloomy, but if you got in your garden over the weekend, Mother Nature was simply taking care of watering those plants for you.

With the threat of a few chilly mornings in the forecast, however, are our gardens in danger? Bridget Zazzara with Logan’s Garden Shop in Raleigh says not necessarily.

“Plants are tougher than we think they are,” she says. “Most stuff will probably be OK with like a mid to upper 30s range.”

But if the temperatures drop a few more degrees, or if frost manages to form, that is when there’s cause for concern.

“Some plants could die from this cold snap,” Zazzara explains. “Unfortunately, if you don’t do anything about it and it’s cold enough, you’ve just got to start over and plant again.”

She says even if a frost isn’t expected, sometimes it’s better to be safe than sorry when the weather turns chilly. So how can you best protect your plants?

“If the plants are small enough and they have big enough pots, they can just put a pot upside down over the top of it, create a hut,” she says. “Then grab a blanket, a soft blanket like sheets, or a frost cloth.”

If you have plants that are still in pots either bring them inside or push them close to your house, under an awning.

We all know spring in North Carolina can bring rocky weather, but it’s still a great time to test that green thumb.

“I still feel very confident that it’s safe to go ahead and plant and just get your spring garden started.”

Zazzara also says that especially if you live north or west of Raleigh, know your area and if it’s more likely to get colder than the capital.

And of course, keep it with CBS 17 and we will let you know just how cool we’ll be over the next few mornings or if any frost advisories get issued.