KNIGHTDALE, N.C. (WNCN) — Hurricane Ian is forcing this week’s football schedule to change across several North Carolina counties.

“So, I called my AD [athletic director] and said what do you think about moving up? We didn’t finalize it until Monday,” stated Randy Ragland.

Ragland is the head football coach at Knightdale High School. He said as the school kept an eye on Hurricane Ian’s path last weekend. Ragland and the coach at Wake Forest High School also kept an eye on this week’s schedule.

They ultimately decided to move the JV game to Wednesday and the varsity game to Thursday.

“It is one of those things you just got to prepare for. A big game already. We are 5-0 and they are 4-1. First conference game for both of us,” Ragland mentioned.

Sanderson High School’s head coach, Jeremy Buck, said his team and Athens Drive High School did the same thing.

“Fortunately, Athens [Drive HS] working with us and communicating, we were able to make that decision before we went to our Monday practice. So, we were able to revamp things,” Buck explained.

However, they are not alone. CBS 17 was able to confirm schools across Wake, Durham and Johnston counties pushed up their games as the storm eventually makes its way to the Triangle.

“It made sense to go ahead and move this thing up a day. So, that way we didn’t get stuck playing a Monday, Friday situation next week,” said Buck.

Colleges and universities in our area have also made adjustments.

“We are going to miss that Thursday practice, but we are going to get a walk through in tomorrow morning, but we will be prepared,” said Richard Hayes Jr., Fayetteville State University head football coach.

FSU moved up its football game from Saturday to Thursday.

Other big games this weekend are NC State vs. Clemson and Virginia Tech at UNC.

We did reach out to the ACC about the status of those games. So far, we have not heard back.