If weather cooperates, NC’s fall foliage forecast to be vibrant this year

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RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Fall foliage is always beautiful in Central North Carolina, but the weather makes a difference in just how bright those colors could be.

Dr. Robert Bardon with North Carolina State University’s College of Natural Resources said we need sunny days, cooler nights, and just the right amount of rain.

Bardon said so far, we’re in good shape!

“We’re situated such that if we get some rain, not too much, but some rain yet this fall, that will help with our fall color season as far as making them vibrant,” Bardon said.

It’s a balancing act though.

Too much rain could put a damper on the foliage, but a late-season drought could be just as bad.

“If we have a drought and it’s severe it can lead to poor colors and in some cases, the trees may lose their leaves so it could shorten the fall color season,” Bardon explained.

The trees in your backyard should start to change color within the next few weeks with the peak around the third week of October.

But the great thing about North Carolina is no matter where you go – you should have a great view.

“With the diversity of trees that we have and the variation that we see in the weather patterns across our state we often have fall colors, somewhere you’ll find fall colors that are vibrant and very nice to look at,” he said.

Fortunately, as long as our current weather pattern holds, you shouldn’t have to travel far to take in the sights.

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