ABERDEEN, N.C. (WNCN) – The Moore County Sheriff’s Office continues to investigate the murder of D.P. and Mary Lou Black. The elderly couple was found dead at their home on July 9. They were 91 and 86 years old.

They were well-known business owners in Moore County. J.C. Sloan worked for Black more than 50 years ago, when he was 19.

“He was the best man I know, and I don’t understand why anybody would do what they did to him,” Sloan said.

What started as a job, turned into family.

“He sort of took me under his wing like I was a little boy,” Sloan said. “My father died when I was like 7-8 years old, and he’s really the only father I knew, I mean he took me to be, he taught me everything.”

Sloan and Black would drive to South Carolina every December to pick up fruit to give away to people. The Blacks were longtime members of Bethesda Presbyterian Church. Pastor David Hudson described D.P. as kind and gentle. He said he and D.P. could joke about anything.

Hudson said Mary Lou was voted best all-around in high school, something that continued through the years.

“They were kind of best all-around, kind of gentle, easy-going folks,” Hudson said.

Moore County Sheriff Ronnie Fields said his office is interviewing all of Black’s employees and investigators are also waiting for autopsy results.

“I don’t know why I feel that way, but I do feel with the evidence that we have thus far that they were targeted,” Fields said.

The Moore County Sheriff’s Office is offering $2,000 for any information that leads to an arrest and conviction.

“All of our community’s just been traumatized by this,” Hudson said. “We’re not oblivious to heinous crime and evil and this type of thing, but when it strikes home, with these people that are just, to use the word, salt of the earth common people.”