A former high school and college football player is behind bars in Johnston County, police said.

Isaac Martin is charged with attempted first-degree burglary. The 22-year old, who once played football at Cleveland High School and Coastal Carolina University, tried to force his way into a house when the 64-year-old woman who lives there was home, police said.

It happened around 6 a.m. Monday on East Wellons Street.

According to the 911 call, the woman thought it was her husband at the door.

“When I opened the door, there he stood and I tried to lock the door. And he kept pulling, and I just shut my wooden door,” she told the dispatcher.

He also tried to enter through the side door.

“My husband left about 10 minutes ago to go to work. I don’t see him, he’s not standing at my door,” she told the dispatcher.

Police said they found Martin standing across the street from the home. Neighbors said the homeowner spotted him while she was talking to investigators.

Martin’s cousin lives at the home he was standing in front of. His cousin told CBS 17 Martin was staying with him and that he had no idea why he would do this.

Neighbors are on alert.

“Very frightening; it was very alarming and it made me very unsafe,” said neighbor Carolyn Ragsdale.

“I’m trying to be more aware of my surroundings and keep the door locked,” added Mary Foy Ragsdale.

Martin has been charged with attempted first-degree burglary and resisting and delaying police. He’s being held on a $50,000 bond.