RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — It seems like everywhere you look, someone is raising money for something.

For kids in school activities or sports, it can be even more intense, and some parents say there’s too much pressure to raise money.

Abbie Sudbury loves being a cheerleader. She cheers for her high school in Johnston County, but there’s one thing she doesn’t love: Asking for money.

She says she was happy to participate in a fundraiser at the start of the school year, but that was only the beginning. She says another fundraiser was recently required.

“September 1st, you ask somebody for $1; September 20th, you ask someone for $20 so you try to fill up the calendar,” she explained.

Her mom, Hillary, says it’s too much to ask, especially in an economy that has a lot of people struggling.

Abbie Sudbury is a cheerleader at a high school in Johnston County.

“It’s very uncomfortable to go to your neighbor or your friends and not only once. Once is probably hard enough but on a monthly basis,” she said. “I don’t know how people sit financially and I don’t want to put them in an uncomfortable position either.”

They worry constant fundraising on top of other expenses like practice clothes will end up excluding some students from activities they want to do.

“It’s a public high school, so you have kids from all over, all different types of backgrounds, so it doesn’t really include everyone,” Abbie said.

According to a spokesperson for the state’s Department of Public Instruction, state statutes don’t directly address student fundraising, so CBS 17 checked with some local districts.

A spokesperson for Johnston County Schools couldn’t immediately answer whether the district has a specific policy regarding fundraising, but the district’s handbook addresses parent organizations, like booster clubs, which are often in charge of fundraising.

It says “No student or parent will be required to participate in a parent organization as a condition of participation in a curricular or extracurricular school activity or program.”

Wake County Schools words its policy similarly.

Orange County Schools specifically says that “Student or parent participation in the fundraising or other activities of any parent or community organization shall not be made a condition of participation in any curricular or extracurricular school activity or program.”