‘I was stunned,’ says woman cut by razor taped to car door handle in Smithfield

Johnston County News

SMITHFIELD, N.C. (WNCN) – An 83-year-old Johnston County woman said she cut her hand Thursday on a razor blade that was taped to the handle of her car door.

On Friday, the woman, who asked not to be identified, was at home with a sore thumb, stitches, and questions. 

“I was stunned,” she said. “It just makes you more precautious, and it makes you wonder just what type of a person it would take to get out there and do something like that.”

The woman said she parked her car near the Johnston County courthouse in Smithfield Monday afternoon. 

She went to grab her briefcase out of her backseat when she realized she cut her left hand. 

“I felt my finger just burning,” she said. “I looked and it was a piece of razor blade. Someone had taken and cut the black little molding off of the chrome on the car.”

She knew she had to act quick. She grabbed napkins inside her car and ran for help to a local business, before driving herself to the hospital. 

“It was dripping blood. You could follow me on the sidewalk,” the woman said. “The nurse told me I had cut a little vein in two. That was the reason it was bleeding so bad. She said it was through the bone.”

Meanwhile, one thing was going through her mind. 

“The good Lord was going to take care of me,” she said. 

After returning to work Wednesday, she hopes this doesn’t happen to anyone else, and whoever did this to her is held responsible. 

“These people that are out there doing things like that, I hope they get caught and get prosecuted,” she said. “I forgive them. They just need to ask God to forgive them.”

The woman told CBS 17 she believes this was a random act. 

She hopes to get her stitches out next Monday. 

Anyone with information related to this is asked to call the Smithfield Police Department at (919) 989-8835. 

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