BENSON, N.C. (WNCN) — The Town of Benson’s largest mural is now complete.

The field-facing wall of the Lee Street Gym, at 312 S. Lee St., was selected by the Benson Art Advisory Board earlier this year as the perfect spot for the town’s third mural.

A call to artists was launched in April and by mid-May, the Board had selected its artist for the job.

Raleigh-based Zac Bender, owner and operator of Brutal Bohemian, an art company that specializes in graphic design, apparel, and murals, was chosen.

Bender “was hired based on his bold design with large depictions of athletes, bright splashes of blue, teal, and orange, and a general movement and rhythm to the mural that captured the ideas of the Art Board perfectly,” according to a news release from the town.

The Lee Street Gym project is his largest mural so far.

“I grew up in Benson so being able to give back to the community is fantastic and deeply satisfying,” Bender said. “I also grew up doing two things mostly — playing sports and making art. So, when this all came together, I truly feel this was a perfect project for me.”

The painting process itself impressed the art board, but the actual art being applied was what attracted the board to select Bender.

“The concept for the piece was all around the idea of showcasing the diversity of people that play sports in the park. There’s also the story of the little girl being inspired to play basketball by witnessing a shot hit at the buzzer,” Bender said. “The mural is supposed to show how individual moments can change lives for the better.”