MICRO, N.C. (WNCN) — Someone tried to set a police car on fire in a Johnston County town Saturday night, officials said.

The incident involved a marked police cruiser in the town of Micro, which is midway between Kenly and Selma on Interstate 95.

Micro Police Chief T. Macon Jones said someone used a Roman candle during the arson attempt. 

Surveillance video from a gas station across the street shows red sparks blasting over the police station from the arson attempt, Jones said.”It’s upsetting that somebody would try to do that, especially to a law enforcement vehicle, you know in a small town, and we got a big heart here,” Jones said.

A photo from the police department showed the device beside the front passenger wheel aimed up into the wheel well.



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Jones said there’s a little bit of burn damage to the fender, but the car still works. It was donated to them from Johnston County in 2021.”I’m just happy it’s not damaged, I mean that’s, again, that car was donated,” Jones said. “It would be a travesty not to have that vehicle because we only have two that are working right now.”

Police said a small blue car with 30-day tags was spotted at the scene. The car man inside and possibly a woman passenger, Jones said.

“Anyone that has information please reach out to me,” Jones wrote on Facebook. Jones left a phone number for tips: 919-284-1355.