SMITHFIELD, N.C. (WNCN) — On Sunday, a sergeant with the Smithfield Police Department rescued a newborn kitten.

The department said Sgt. D. Tyndall was dispatched to a call at Speedway on North Brightleaf Boulevard. He found a newborn kitten alone in the parking lot.

Sgt. Tyndall with the newborn kitten. (Smithfield Police Department)

Police said the kitten had just been born and the mother was nowhere in sight. Sgt. Tyndall cut the umbilical cord and held the kitten as he drove to the police station, making sure the kitten stayed warm.

Police said one of their dispatchers took the kitten home to join a brand new litter that one of her cats gave birth to. The department called it “a true example of teamwork.”

The police department thanked Sgt. Tyndall for saving the kitten’s life.