CLAYTON, N.C. (WNCN) – Two 911 calls made in the moments after an 18-year-old mother fell off an SUV in Johnston County shed some light on the incident that left the woman dead.

Tebria Frazier (Courtesy: Kennedy Byrd)

On Monday, Tebria Frazier was killed in what the sheriff’s office called a domestic incident along Vinson Road in Johnston County. Witnesses said Frazier was on the hood of a white SUV that was speeding. She fell off and was likely run over.

Neighbors said they called 911 and ran to help.

The first call came from a person who claimed to see Frazier fall off a car.

That caller said she fell off a black car.

A second caller said he didn’t see how Frazier ended up in the road but only came upon her.

“Looks like, I’m guessing a hit and run. There’s a girl laying here in the road been hit by a car,” the caller said.

The second caller said he didn’t see the SUV drive off only came upon the woman in the street. Other bystanders said they saw which direction the SUV went.

She was still breathing at the time the second caller found her, according to the call.

The caller said there was a windshield wiper by her head in the roadway.

A woman in the background and be heard telling the caller the victim was on the hood of a vehicle before she fell.

James Lewis Christavian Johnson III. (Courtesy of the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office)

“I guess they said they saw her holding on to the hood of a car,” the caller said.

The caller was having multiple conversations with other bystanders as he is talking with the 911 dispatcher.

“Momma, do not touch her. It was a hit and run. Don’t lay a hand on her,” the caller to a person in the background.

The caller also helped block the road so other motorists can’t get near the victim.

On Wednesday, James Lewis Christavian Johnson III of Clayton surrendered himself without incident at the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office around 2:30 p.m. in connection with Frazier’s death.

He appeared in court on Thursday in what was a brief hearing.

He was charged with second-degree murder and felony hit and run causing serious injury or death.

Johnson said his family had plans to hire him a lawyer. He was appointed one in the meantime.

The judge told Johnson the maximum punishment for the second-degree murder charge is more than 32 years in prison. His $500,000 bond was upheld. He is due in court on July 22.

Johnson and Frazier share a child, the sheriff’s office said.