CLAYTON, N.C. (WNCN) – One central North Carolina town is seeking the public’s help with crafting its future transportation plan.

The Town of Clayton is developing its first-ever comprehensive transportation plan, which is called “Clayton on the Move.”

Town officials say the plan will identify their long-term vision for the local transportation network, including roadways, public transit, as well as bicycle and pedestrian facilities.

“The Clayton on the Move Comprehensive Transportation Plan is our blueprint for a brighter future,” Mayor Jody McLeod said. “It’s not just about roads and sidewalks; it’s about connecting our community, fostering growth, and ensuring Clayton remains a great place to live for generations to come.”

As the town continues to grow, officials say it’s important to envision and plan for necessary transportation investments that will fit area needs, and community engagement is at the heart of it.

“We believe that the best solutions come from the people who call Clayton home,” Town of Clayton Communication Director Nathanael Shelton said. “That’s why we’re calling on all residents to participate in our online survey. Their input will shape the future of transportation in Clayton.”

The survey is meant to collect information about transportation projects that should be prioritized, locations in Clayton that need transportation improvements and preferences for different modes of transportation.

Click here to fill out the online survey.

In addition to the survey, the community is invited to attend in-person events throughout the town. All these upcoming events will be shared on the town’s comprehensive transportation plan website.