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Veterinarian says it's 'spooky' after 3rd animal hospital break-in in last 2 weeks

BENSON, N.C. (WNCN) - The Johnston County Sheriff's Office is investigating another break-in at an animal hospital.

The break-in at Benson Animal Hospital on June 27 is the third to happen within two weeks after break-ins at Carolina Ranch Animal Hospital and Cleveland School Animal Hospital. Sheriff's officials said the incidents are similar, and believe they are related.

Having owned Benson Animal Hospital for 28 years, Dr. Margaret Anderson said she's never been through anything like this.

"It's pretty scary," Anderson said. "I guess it was more shock than anything."


Security video obtained by CBS 17 shows a suspect wearing a hoodie breaking through the hospital's front glass door.

It also shows the person with a flashlight climbing over the front desk, going through drawers and breaking into the cash register, and walking out with cash — all in about a few minutes.

"[It] made me a little spooky," Anderson said of the security video. "Looking through the camera and somebody coming in, and going through the place."

Dr. Debbie Basden of Cleveland School Animal Hospital said their video showed a similar break-in at their hospital. The suspect in that incident was dressed in a hoodie and walked out with about $100.

While she's surprised about this break-in, she believes this is part of a trend.

"Some of the representatives that work with different companies that talk to a lot of our clinics, they're not even surprised anymore," Basden said. "They're like, 'Let me guess, they've broke a window, they broke a door, and they went through and grabbed a cash box."

They hope whoever did this is found soon.

"I really hope that they get the help that they need, and find another way," Basden said. "This is not going to be a good outcome for them."

Anyone with information about these break-ins is asked to call the Johnston County Sheriff's Office at 919-989-5010.

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