KENLY, N.C. (WNCN)—The Kenly Town Council has made the call to wait to meet about its entire Kenly police force resigning until after an investigation is completed, according to town officials.

The council met last week after all the officers resigned and said it was due to a “hostile work environment,” citing the Town Manager, Justine Jones.

Chief Josh Gibson previously told CBS 17 that he and four other officers submitted a two-week resignation notice around 4:50 p.m. on July 20.

“All of us are very heartbroken that it had to come to this,” Gibson told CBS 17.

He also said that the officers could not perform their duties due to the environment that was created by Jones.

Town officials said the course of action will be to “find out what happened and not make any rash decisions.”

Officials also told CBS 17 that the council has instructed the Town Attorney to oversee “thorough investigations beginning next week to determine the facts and circumstances relating to the resignations and the allegations of a hostile work environment.”

Officials also said in a statement that “citizens should know that the council is committed to ensuring that services will continue without disruption and that their needs will be met during this time.”

The town’s council plans to meet after the investigation.