RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN)–The summer heat has been rising, as well as the excitement as several large events reappear in the Triangle.

Bob Keber and his family were just one of several families who headed out to the Dino and Dragon Stroll at the Raleigh Convention Center over the weekend.

Keber said they traveled five hours for his younger one he held in his arms and added, “Yep, he’s a dinosaur fanatic, has all the toys and wants dinosaurs; so when we saw this, we figured it was worth the drive.”

Keber said it’s nice to see larger events bringing people together.

“There’s more activities at the malls, more going to the parks, more going to amusement parks… Back in our neck of the woods, all the tourists are back in full force.” Keber said.

He added it’s felt like a sense of normalcy since the pandemic changed the outcome for so many of these events.

Visit Raleigh recently shared details of the pandemic’s impact in Wake County.

After travel and tourism took a major hit, the group reported a big pivot and bounce back.

Visit Raleigh said not only has hotel occupancy in Wake County outpaced the national average for the first quarter of the year, but they project a $19.7 million economic impact from more than 80 events booked for future dates.

The Dino and Dragon Stroll, the ALGS Championship, and BMW’s annual Ultimate Driving Experience were all events to bring in large crowds over the past two weeks in Wake County.

Tina Ciraulo, Dino Dragon Stroll Tour Manager, couldn’t help but smile after seeing so many families visit over the weekend and enjoy the exhibit.

“We opened up and it was just awesome to witness people get out of their homes, and we still have people coming out which is great!,” Ciraulo said.

Although COVID-19 cases continue to rise in parts of North Carolina, Ciraulo said that “it’s like a back-to-normal sense and realizing that not long ago we were all stuck at our homes and couldn’t get out.”

Ciraulo said it was great to have families come out and enjoy a day together at the Raleigh Convention Center.