RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN)–Monday, Sheetz, a family owned and operated convenience store, announced that they dropped their gas prices to help families traveling during the 4th of July holiday weekend.

The business specifically lowered unleaded 88 at $3.99 per gallon and E85 at $3.49 per gallon. Sheetz said drivers should make sure that their car is compatible for both fuel types.

In a press release, Sheetz noted that unleaded 88 is approved by the EPA for use in vehicles for model years 2001 or newer as well as light-duty trucks, SUVs and Flex Fuel Vehicles.

In addition, Sheetz noted that E85 contains more ethanol and is not compatible with all vehicles. Drivers are encouraged to check their owner’s manual before filling up.

CBS17 News spoke with drivers filling up shortly after the price change Monday afternoon.

Su Leone who lives in Raleigh and pulled up to fill her car said she saw the lowered prices. She laughed and said, “When was the last time you’ve seen gas prices under four dollars per gallon?”

Leone said the prices have been great for people who are planning to travel out of town. She said she and her family will be heading out of state for the holiday.

She added, “I think people are going to satisfy that pent up demand for travel and I don’t think anything will stop them from traveling this summer.”

However, Clemon Williams who was also filling up his car on Monday at the gas station said he will not be traveling for the holiday.

Williams, who drives a Cadillac, said his car cannot take unleaded 88 or E85 and, therefore, could not benefit from the lower prices.

He said, “People that are saying it’s going down, I don’t see much difference. I don’t see where it’s going down at all.”

Williams said the higher gas prices have come with a challenge for many families.

Sheetz stated that the reduction will be available through the July 4th holiday travel season.