RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN)-Putting food on the table may be more difficult than ever for some families right now.

Prices for groceries are at a four-decade high, according to the Consumer Price Index. Groceries now cost 12.2% more than they did a year ago.

Tony Preiss, a manager at Weaver Street Market in Downtown Raleigh, said they’re aware of the rising prices: “I don’t care what you’re making or what size your family is- it’s an issue for everybody and we get that.”

Preiss said their co-op business focuses on finding local producers, suppliers and farmers, which has helped them cut their costs and find food products that might be difficult to find at other stores.

“In our position as a co-op, we have some advantages in finding stuff made and produced right here,” Preiss said.

it’s allowed them to offer competitive prices and sometimes cheaper options for quality food- especially produce.

Recently, they offered some sale prices on produce including peaches.

Employees at the store said they hope to help stretch people’s dollar by offering the best quality at a comparable price, all while supporting local businesses.

CBS17 News reached out to other local grocery store employees who said it’s become difficult to find items that haven’t gone up in price.

Employees at Food Lion in Cary said they have also tried to reduce their prices when possible, including delaying a price increase on eggs in particular.

Preiss said shoppers can save some extra money by focusing on buying dry-bulk items, avoiding pre-packaged foods, and choosing their house brands that are often sold at a more affordable price.

Preiss said it’s important to give families a break right now and added, “you can’t overemphasize that. Families come in all shapes, forms, sizes and varieties and I don’t know any of them that doesn’t appreciate good value when they can find it.”