LOUISBURG, N.C. (WNCN) — Louisburg town leaders narrowly voted Monday night to move the town’s Confederate statue from Main Street in downtown.

Louisburg town council held an emergency meeting to decide on what to do with the statue after various monuments at the State Capitol were toppled by crowds or moved under an order from Gov. Roy Cooper.

The Louisburg statue will be moved to a town cemetery along U.S. 401 that includes some Confederate graves, according to councilman Boyd Sturges.

In its place will be a U.S. flag, a North Carolina flag, and a plaque in remembrance of all soldiers.

“We were not able to protect it. They can’t protect it on the State Capitol. We need to go ahead and move it in a dignified way,” Surges said

Sturges made the motion that was approved by a 4-3 vote with Tom Clancy, Mark Russell, and mayor Karl Pernell voting against the measure.

Although located on the campus of Louisburg College, the monument is owned by the town of Louisburg, according to Commemorative Landscapes of North Carolina. The monument was dedicated on May 13, 1914.

Sturges said the move would be done “as soon as possible” but did not have a timeframe.