Man busted on moped with $100+ worth of Walmart steaks in pants, Nash deputies say

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A thief was busted with several steaks shoved down his pants legs while making his moped getaway in the pouring rain on Monday, Nash County deputies say.

Earlier, the man stole several steaks — worth more than $100 — from the Nashville Walmart, according to deputies.

“They were all rib eyes,” said Captain Carlos Ricks.

Ricks was on his way home Monday when he got a call from the Nashville Police Department to be on the lookout for a suspect who stuffed packages of meat down his pants, then walked out of the store without paying.

“Probably 45 seconds after I got the call, I noticed a vehicle fitting the description which happened to be a blue and white moped,” Ricks said.

Ricks said he tried to pull the moped over, but the driver kept going for three quarters of a mile. When he finally stopped, the man admitted to swiping the steak, Ricks said.

“He pulled out two packs from the front of his pants,” said Ricks.

Thinking that was it, Ricks went to arrest the suspect when another deputy spotted something strange.

“He noticed a large bulge in the bottom of his pants,” Ricks said. “We un-cuffed him and allowed him to get them out.”

Ricks said the man took out 10 steaks worth $170 from his pant legs and crotch area. 

Walmart shoppers were surprised by the bold crime.

“As a consumer with six children myself who eat like a plague of locusts, I meant that’s what drives the price up for all of us. So, it effects the entire community,” said Jennifer Moore.

Ricks said meat theft isn’t uncommon, and in most cases the crooks sell the stolen meat for drugs.

“Meat’s a quick sell. It just needs to be a reminder to people who buy this meat off the street, you don’t know where it came from because a lot of this was in the crotch of his pants,” Ricks said.

Jordan was issued a citation, according to Ricks.

Deputies posted photos on Facebook of the seized steaks along with Jordan and his moped.

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night (keeps) Nash County Sheriff’s Office from apprehending a subject riding a moped in the pouring down rain for allegedly stuffing over a $100.00 worth of steaks down both of his pant legs and choosing not to pay on his way out the Nashville Walmart,” deputies posted with the photos on Facebook.


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