Many still out searching for last-minute holiday gifts and deals in Triangle

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RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — With Christmas closing in people are rushing to finish their holiday shopping. But for many — there’s more worry than just getting the right gift — there’s worry it’ll get to its intended recipient on time.

There’s a lot of shopping and a lot of spending going on in these last couple of days before Christmas.

Analysts estimate the average shopper will spend $1,000 this season and brick and mortar stores are working hard to grab as much of that revenue as possible.

If you cruise the stores, you’ll see last-minute deals abound with many retailers offering extended hours to make it easier to purchase.

Retailers call this the “super shopping weekend” — estimating 148 million will open their wallets and purses.

Shopper Andrew Fellner estimates he spent about $1,200 on holiday gifts this year.

Some folks like Scott Bronkema didn’t have to race around this weekend to finish their shopping.

“I’m done,” said Bronkema.  “I finished two weeks ago.”

But, some folks are still procrastinating.

“I haven’t done any of it,” said Alex Currin. “I intend to do some of it today if I get around to it.”

Not all the shopping’s being done in stores, a good portion of it is now being done online.

If you’re shipping for gifts between now and Christmas, it’s going to cost you to get it there on time this close to the big day.

“You’re going to have to pay for it and it’ll be likely to go by air—which is the most expensive product they offer,” said Chris Wetherbee, who is a senior transportation analyst with Citi.

If you’re shipping by US Postal then starting Monday the only option is priority mail express, starting at about $25.

Fed-Ex has overnight options through Monday and same-day delivery right up through Christmas, for an extra fee.

But, those extra fees are no guarantee it’ll make it on time.

With more than two billion packages shipped this holiday season, coupled with recent storms FedEx, UPS, and other delivery services are expecting delays to some on-time deliveries.

The supply chain management company Convey says, since Thanksgiving,  FedEx has an on-time delivery rate of about 68 percent – down from more than 77 percent a year ago.

Convey says for UPS, it’s on-time delivery rate is 80 percent – down from 86 percent this time last year.

“They are certainly getting inundated with the volume,” says Chris Wetherbee, a senior transportation analyst with Citi. “They are doing everything they can by expanding their network, but the reality is there will be just a little less time to get it all done this year.”

If you feel more rushed this season — you’re right.

There were six fewer days between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year as compared to last year.

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