LILLINGTON, N.C. (WNCN) — At least 10 cars were stolen from a Lillington car dealership by “many suspects” in the early hours of Friday, the town’s police department confirmed to CBS 17.

According to Lillington Police Captain Goodman* a gray jeep Cherokee pulled into the John Hiester Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram of Lillington at approximately 4:15 a.m., broke the glass of the dealership to steal keys, drove away and returned with a U-Haul to steal cars.

Capt. Goodman said when the U-Haul pulled back up to the dealership, the glass was broken while “many more suspects [were] outside ready to take cars.”

Additionally, Jeremy Stephens, the Operations Director for the dealership, said the total damage and stolen merchandise is approximately $1 million.

“We had a mixture of challengers and chargers and a Durango and all of the scat packs, or SRTs, were stolen,” Stephens said. “Three of them were over $90,000.”

The stolen cars are confirmed to price between $50-90,000 each, the dealership said.

“It was a struggle to get cars on the lot anyway so we had some cars here and now they’re not,” Stephens said. “There’s at least six or eight guys and as soon as they got keys, they kind of dispersed and started driving out in cars.”

CBS 17 inquired about the cars that were stolen and none have been specifically identified — the only information known is that they are “high-end cars”, according to police.

We also asked about alarm systems at the dealership.

“We do but we are under construction now so a lot of the sensors had been unwired for construction,” Stephens said. “It does look like a movie, because it seems like they practice this. They were fast, they knew exactly what they were doing, it’s like they’ve done it before.”

*Editor’s note: Captain Goodman did not want his first name released.