The small town of Sharpsburg’s new mayor won by a small margin, and was sworn in Tuesday hours after a scheduled court date for a DWI charge.

“As with any new administration there will be changes,” Robert Williams Jr. said.


Williams didn’t elaborate on that or mention the DWI charge. He’s accused of drinking and driving on the very night he was elected to this office.

Police said he almost crashed his car near town hall. 

“We’re not even going to talk about that. If you want to talk about that, talk to my attorney,” Williams said.

“Things happen, and I’m sure that he probably was celebrating a little too early,” added Sharpsburg Mayor pro tem David Pride.

Pride and Commissioner Beverly Davis were quick to come to Williams’ defense.

“Everybody makes mistakes and I don’t think we should be quick to judge,” Beverly Davis, the Commissioner for Parks & Recreation said.

Police said Williams’ blood alcohol content was .13. The legal limit is .08.

In a small town of about 2,000 people, opinions were mixed. 

“I don’t think its right,” Sharpsburg resident Jack Cole said.

“Anybody can take a drink and make a mistake, but [I’m] not holding it against him,” said Tammy Cooper, another Sharpsburg resident.

“I don’t think they should have gave it to him,” Sharpsburg resident Patricia Allen said.

Williams’ won the election by just seven votes.

His court case was continued.