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Mothers, supporters march to 'Shatter the Silence' for dead Lumberton women

PEMBROKE, N.C. (WNCN) - The mother of Rhonda Jones, one of three women found dead in Lumberton in 2017, is taking action.

Sheila Price created the group called "Shatter the Silence" to help those like her. She and dozens of others let their voices be heard as part of Pembroke's Christmas Parade. 

For Price, it's been a long journey. 

"We are fed up from the floor up," she said. 

She and others are stepping up for their lost loved ones, with questions still remaining about them. 

"People want closure. I want closure," Price said. "These cases have been quiet. People are scared to do anything. They were scared to say anything."

Her inspiration to create the group came after her daughter's death. 

"This ain't fair. I miss my daughter," Price said. "She would come and cook for me, and clean my whole house. Me and her would watch movies. She wasn't a bad person."

According to the FBI, after conducting autopsies on the three women, officials were unable to determine their causes of death. 

"When all three came back undetermined, it's time to fight now," Price said. 

Thursday, people held posters and pictures of loved ones gone. Their float included a picture of Hania Aguilar. 

"It brought me to a whole level of new depression, because I can't imagine that child going through that," Price said. 

Price and supporters believe they'll get answers soon as they continue fighting for justice. 

"We're looking for direct answers, and I believe it's going to push the spark to get the answers we're looking for," Solomon Hunt said. 

"We're going to fight to the end too, we ain't stopping just here," Price added. "We are 'Shatter the Silence' for a reason." 

As for the cases of Rhonda Jones, Christina Bennett and Megan Oxendine, there's a $30,000 reward for any information related to the case. 

Anyone with information can contact the Lumberton Police Department at (910) 671-3845 or the FBI at (704) 672-6100. 

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