PITTSBORO, N.C. (WNCN) — Investigators are working on this Labor Day trying to discover the identity of a mystery woman whose body was found in Jordan Lake last week.

Detectives not only need to know who the victim is, but also the circumstances which lead her to being dumped in the lake near a very popular recreational area.

The Farrington point boat ramp is a busy spot, especially on a holiday like Labor Day where lots of people are boating on Jordan Lake.

Farrington Point Boat Ramp at Jordan Lake (Marcus Wilson/CBS 17)

“It’s scary to think that she was dead out here where so many people spend so much time,” said a paddle boarder who identified herself as Emily.

Detectives say it was a boater who discovered the woman’s body on Aug. 29, clothed with blue jeans, a grey shirt and a pearl necklace.

“Somebody is missing her,” said paddle boarder Paul Camerena. “Somebody is wondering where she is. Somebody is wondering what happened to her.”

“As a community, we are all hurting for her and her family,” he said.

Investigators say her death was not accidental or self inflicted and they’ve had several families offer leads about her possible identity but none have panned out yet.

Her murder has those who frequently use that area of the lake wracking their brains about suspicious activity in this area in or before Aug. 29.

“I come out here all the time and I was out here the weekend before her body was found the whole weekend before,” said Emily. “I just kept thinking, who did I see out here and who did I pass by because I was out at this boat ramp.”

Detectives say a distinctive pearl earring was found near the body which they hope helps provide the clue they need to identify the mystery woman.

Once they figure out who she is, investigators said they can begin backtracking her life to try and determine how she came to end up dead in the lake.