SPRING HOPE, N.C. (WNCN) — A Nash County deputy who was shot three times during a traffic stop earlier this week was released from the hospital Saturday afternoon.

Dozens of deputies were there as Deputy William Toney left Vidant Hospital in Greenville on Saturday.

They put on their blue lights and escorted Toney back to his home near Spring Hope in Nash County.

“Just glad to be home, just glad to be home,” Toney said.

Other members of Toney’s law enforcement family were in his front yard to welcome him home. There were signs, gifts, balloons and hugs all around.

Toney’s arm is in a cast and bandages still cover where the other bullets hit his body.

“The events were quite fast and I was taken care of very well down at Vidant,” he said. “Those guys have an outstanding hospital there. And gave me the best care anyone could possibly get I feel like.”

During the hour-long drive from Greenville, Toney told CBS 17 he couldn’t help but think of Nash County Deputy Jared Allison.

Allison got into a crash while responding to a traffic stop last Thanksgiving. He died at Vidant Hospital, the same one Toney just left.

“It was very emotional for us, as you guys know, back in December, we lost Jared here with our department and it was very hard today,” Toney said of losing his law enforcement brother. “Very mixed emotions with him doing the same thing. Him not coming back right, and me coming back right. It was very hard.”

Getting back to normal life will be challenging, but Toney said the community support is helping lift his spirits. 

“I feel like a lot of people do love law enforcement, even though we have a lot of people that don’t, that aren’t on board with us right now. But we usually try and tell people ‘hey, all of us aren’t the same.’ We’re out here to obey the law and put the law down in our communities and that’s what our job is, protect and serve,” Toney said.