RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Nash County Public Schools is part of a growing list of districts increasing security measures at their schools through artificial intelligence.

The district is installing Evolv Technology to detect weapons before they get into buildings. The weapons detection systems will be installed at all high and middle schools in the district.

NCPS said the new screening tool comes amidst increasing concerns over school safety and incidents of violence disrupting classrooms across the country.

The Evolv Express tool uses sensor technology with artificial intelligence to scan for weapons faster than the typical security scanner. The scanners can look for weapons without always making people stop to be wanded, searched, or empty their pockets and bags.

NCPS trained staff members can conduct a targeted search in case of an alert.

Evolv Technology says more than 450 schools around the country are using its Express screeners. In North Carolina, Johnston County Public Schools, Guildford County Schools, and Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools have already deployed the system.

“Helping school districts balance a need for enhanced safety with student engagement is one of the most important aspects of our partnership,” said Neil Sandoff, VP of education for Evolv Technology. “A connected community – one where students and staff feel safe and seen – can yield positive results, not only from a security standpoint, but academically and emotionally.”

“Our commitment to fostering a safe and nurturing learning environment empowers us to embrace cutting-edge technology while preserving the seamless flow of everyday school life,” said NCPS spokesperson Heather Louise Finch.