NASHVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — A Nash County man is now able to buy his dream car after winning $200,000.

Aaron Alston of Spring Hope spent $5 on a Carolina jackpot ticket from Fuel Doc on South Barnes Street in Nashville. He took the scratch-off ticket home and won $200,000.

When asked how Alston would spend his money he said, “I’ve always wanted a sports car. Probably a Camaro.”

Alston said he was not the only one who could not believe his good luck.

“I called some close family members to tell them, but they didn’t believe it so I had to FaceTime to show it to them.”

Alston arrived at the lottery headquarters on Thursday to claim his prize. After taxes, he took home $142,021.

The $5 Carolina Jackpot game began in June with six $200,000 prizes. Two $200,000 prizes have not yet been claimed.

The first four drawings feature the rolling jackpot and the fifth drawing features a top prize of $200,000. The date of the fourth drawing is Nov. 2.