HALIFAX, N.C. (WNCN) — A North Carolina law enforcement officer has made a full recovery after being exposed to fentanyl while making an arrest this week.

Wednesday, the Halifax County Sheriff’s office says Lieutenant Anthony Cash tried to arrest Travis Manley after seeing narcotics in his car.

Lt. Cash says Manley fought back, releasing Fentanyl in the air during the struggle.

“He opened up the white powder, which didn’t know what it was at the time, and just let it go into the air. And it got all over me and him,” Cash said.

Cash said it took just a couple of minutes to realize something was very wrong.

“I started trying to read Miranda rights. I couldn’t remember them and I know them very well. I could feel it in my chest. Felt like my chest was getting very tight. I was sweating a lot,” Cash said.

Other deputies stepped in, giving Narcan, then taking Lt. Cash to the hospital.

“If it wasn’t for them getting there and making me realize what was going on, the standing and watching out for me, it would have been a lot worse,” Cash said.

The suspect, Travis Manley, faces multiple felonies including assault with a deadly weapon on a government official.

As Fentanyl has flooded the market in recent years, Cash says he is just the latest in a growing number of law enforcement officers dangerously exposed.

“It’s more prevalent now than ever,” Cash said. “It’s our job to go out there and stop people from trying to put this on the streets as much as we can in any way.”