NC officials caution against black ice as road conditions improve

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cooper storm presser

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – After nearly three days of non-stop plowing, many roads have slowly dried out.

But Triangle drivers aren’t out of the clear yet.

“This was our first winter storm of the season, and it lived up to it’s hype,” said Gov. Roy Cooper.

The morning commute proved to be a mirage for a number of drivers due to the continued threat of black ice.

“Troopers statewide have responded to 2,326 collisions,” said Col. Glenn McNeill of the NC Highway Patrol.

“Now even though you may not see anything on the road surface please be aware of the possibility of black ice,” said North Carolina Emergency Manager Mike Sprayberry “Don’t let your guard down.”

NCDOT employees are now working hand in hand with Mother Nature to give your car a clear path through the secondary roads

“All roads should be clear by the end of the day,” said NCDOT engineer Tim Little.

“Regarless of the work tonight when the temperatures drop into the teens and the twenties in parts of our state there is water that can accumulate, and there is melting snow that goes onto the road,” said Cooper. “Even on a road that has been scraped black ice can form.”

As the snow in your neighborhood continues to give way state leaders are hoping you can soon send your kids back to school.

“Hang in their parents,” said Gov. Cooper. “Snow days are almost over.”

Cooper says he will not be asking the North Carolina General Assembly to give public schools any relief for the days missed due to like he did after Hurricane Florence and Hurricane Matthew.

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