SPRING HOPE N.C. (WNCN) – Leaders in Spring Hope said on Friday that the town needs to see promised funding in order to permanently fix an aging water system.

The town’s public works director, Bobby Ball, said Duke Energy Crews accidentally drilled into a water pipe Thursday.

“It drained the whole town again,” Ball said. 

The town has lost water twice in less than a two-week span. Before the new year, a cold snap and water main break left taps dry for nearly a week.

Ball said the system is old and when one thing breaks, the whole town’s water supply shuts down.

“Bottom line the infrastructure in this town is old,” Ball said.

Mayor Kyle Pritchard said the town is anxiously waiting on around $3.7 million in federal grant funding to help permanently update the system.

Ball said they need new water valves to better contain leaks before they spread.

“Get some valves in the town where we can isolate it when stuff like this does happen,” Ball said. “The valves in the town are old, too, and they’re just not holding.”

Ann Drewery, owns Maze Florist in Spring Hope and has been in the flower business for more than 50 years.

“I have turned down several orders today for cut arraignments because I don’t have no water to put in the vases,” Drewery said.

Drewery said in order to stay open, she had to conserve water she brought in buckets from her well at home outside the town.

“We’ve got to get these flowers out,” Drewery said.  “No water is hard to do but we’re kind of making it.”