RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) –  City leaders and neighbors spoke to CBS 17 after a large gathering Tuesday night at an Airbnb in North Raleigh.

Neighbors say there have been multiple occurrences of people drinking, disrupting the neighborhood and even violating a city ordinance that was put in place last year. 

They said at least 8 to 10 cars were on the street, making it almost impossible for them to get home. The city councilman for this district is now getting involved. 

“This was not an open licenses to have a major gatherings,” Councilman Patrick Buffkin said.

Buffkin represents District A. The Airbnb is off of Torrey Pines Place.

“This is an evolving situation, we’re still learning more, I will be on the phone with city staff and zoning enforcement to make sure we get all the facts. And if our ordinance was violated I want the city to enforce it,” Buffkin said.

Neighbors like Betty Hardy has been living in the area for the past 8 years and said her sister could barely travel down the street with the blockage of cars.

“She was coming to stay with me and help me. She had trouble getting up and down the street because of all the cars. And yesterday, I guess it was yesterday or the day before, there were guys all out in the street drinking. They weren’t all that loud but they were drinking and there were a bunch of young people. And I also thought in an Airbnb you had a limit to how many people,” Hardy said.

City Council adopted the ordinance in February before it was officially effective on March 4.    

The complaint came from Raleigh’s social media site SeeClickFix.

The complaint references the home allegedly breaking the rules that apply to Airbnbs. The post references no permit, cars blocking the street and constant disruptions.

Bob Bellamy has lived in this community for the past 20 years and serves as the treasures of the home owners association. 

“I’m concerned that we really have no way to keep that out of here. I’m just worried about the turn over and you don’t know who those people are; they might be fine wonderful folks and they may not be. We just don’t know,” Bellamy said.

“We have plenty of places where we can do that here in Raleigh. From our local breweries to event spaces,” Councilman Buffkin said. “We want Raleigh to be a welcoming place for visitors and we also want our neighborhoods to continue to be quiet and peaceful.” 

The homeowner could face civil penalties if caught violating the ordinance.

“We have a two strike rule. If we find there was a violation of the short term rental ordinance here. They get one more violation and then they are not eligible to have that permit for a year,” Buffkin explained.

A statement was issued by an Airbnb spokesperson Wednesday night. The statement said:

Airbnb has worked with hundreds of jurisdictions around the world – including Raleigh and other cities in North Carolina and across the US –on sensible rules and policies that empower residents to supplement their income by sharing their homes while addressing local concerns.

At the same time, trust is a centerpiece of Airbnb, and we are committed to being good partners to our communities worldwide and helping to cultivate a safe return to travel. Our Neighbor Support Line is a free resource for any neighbor to share their concerns about Airbnb listings in their area, as is our LERT portal for law enforcement.”

Airbnb spokesperson

CBS 17 did try reaching out to the homeowner but at this time we have not gotten a response.