RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN)–More changes could be coming to the North Hills skyline. 

Kane Realty Corporation is requesting to rezone about 11 acres of land near the shopping center in North Hills, as 12, 30, and 40 story commercial mixed-use zonings. 

Last month, the city’s planning commission recommended the council approve the request.

The Raleigh City Council declined to vote on the zoning Tuesday night, as there are parts of the plan it said still need to be worked out.

People spoke out against the plan during Tuesday night’s public hearing.

Larry Helfant of Raleigh is concerned that the plan does not comply with the Midtown-St. Alban’s Area Plan the community helped the city put together in 2020. It was a concern of some council members, too.

“Do not approve this rezoning until all of the provisions in Midtown plan have been met,” Helfant said. “You made a contract with the people of Midtown please keep it.” 

Several speakers and council members also expressed concerns about affordable housing not being a part of the plan.

“I want to include affordable housing so all people can live and work in Midtown,” said Shane Collins.

Council Member Patrick Buffkin represents the district. He said the proposal offers a serious opportunity to the city, but needs more time. He pointed to affordable housing as one of the concerns.

“The people that work in these service industries where are they gonna live, and I think the case that’s in front of us says they’re not gonna live in North Hills and that’s disappointing,” Buffkin said.

Jamie Schwedler with Parker Poe represented Kane Realty’s application at the hearing. Schwedler said the plan has public benefits like new bike and public transit infrastructure.

“This case will allow for more jobs and housing within the existing footprint of the North Hills development,” Schwedler said. “We’re requesting additional height to take into account that growth and the needed expansion.” 

Jimmy Swann lives in North Hills and wants to see the zoning go through.

“The area needs the growth especially quality development,” Swann said.

Another concern is Raleigh Fire Station 9 at Six Forks and Rowan. The city said it’s not currently equipped to handle high rise buildings. Kane agreed to have redevelopment of the firehouse as a condition of the rezoning plan.

The City Council is asking Kane to work on parts of the plan ahead of it returning to the council’s August 16th agenda.