CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WNCN) — Chapel Hill police said they will be cracking down on alcohol use and sales in town this weekend just as UNC-Chapel Hill students are returning for the fall semester.

A month ago, the Chapel Hill Police Department checked 43 businesses in an underage alcohol sting.

During the weekend of July 22, police said they checked that stores, restaurants, and bars weren’t selling alcohol to underage people. Two convenience stores and three restaurants/bars failed the checks that weekend.

Now, police said they plan to conduct “special alcohol safety operations” this weekend — including Saturday night.

UNC students were moving into dorms on Friday and classes are set to start Monday.

Police said the crackdown is “in addition to regular patrols.”

“This advance notice is part of our commitment to educate our community, with the hope we can work together to avoid dangers related to alcohol,” police said in a news release.