CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WNCN) — A door with a Black Lives Matter message was torn off its frame and knocked to the ground along with a large cross, according to leadership at University United Methodist Church in Chapel Hill.

The church features many doors with different messages of unity and inclusion on its front lawn. They say this isn’t the first time the Black Lives Matter display, in particular, was damaged or pulled down.

“It’s been the posture of the Christian church and Black community for centuries that when you get knocked down you get back up. So we’ll continue to lift the door up as we believe in lifting up each and every member of society,” said Justin Coleman, the senior pastor at University United Methodist.

Other people around town are noticing it happening.

“They’ve done this multiple times and for it to be damaged like it is just reminds me of how far we have to go in this community, especially to tackle racial inequity,” said Andre Tyson, a Chapel Hill resident.

Church leaders hope whoever is behind the acts comes forward.

The church plans to place the door back up with the others during the next few weeks once they can make repairs.