CHAPEL HILL N.C. (WNCN) – Chapel Hill authorities found a dead person inside a burning car in Chapel Hill Wednesday afternoon.

At a playground across the street, a 9-year-old and neighbor witnessed it all and called 911.

Trevonne Smith said he was playing with friends when the fire started.

“So I was on the swing, swinging around and then I heard a huge pop,” Trevonne said. “I went to go check over there and all I had seen was the car on fire.”

Immediately, Smith thought about lessons learned from his family about what to do in an emergency.

“To only use the 911 dial if it’s an emergency or if it’s a serious emergency and if something really bad happens to family members or anything happens, just call 911,” Trevonne said.

With Trevonne’s directions, first responders found the burning car along Dickens Court at Sagebrook Apartments.

“It just popped and then it went on fire,” Trevonne described on the phone with 911.

While on the line with dispatchers, Smith passed the phone to a neighbor who described people trying to put out the fire on their own before crews arrived.

“Somebody’s trying to get in the car with, they spraying it with something now,” a woman said. “He’s spraying the car with a fire extinguisher it looks like.”

The Chapel Hill Police Department has not yet released any additional information about the fire or death investigation.