CARRBORO, N.C. (WNCN)– The ArtsCenter in Carrboro is gearing up for a huge renovation project.

“The ArtsCenter has been the home of the original makers in Carrboro for over 50 years,” said executive director, Jenny Shultz-Thomas.

People of all ages use the ArtsCenter currently located at 300-G E Main Street right next to Cat’s Cradle. It originally started inside of the Armadillo Grill using just two rooms. Over the last 50 years it has seen a lot of growth. This latest expansion is about meeting the needs of not only Carrboro, but Orange County as a whole.

The ArtsCenter is taking over the building located at 400 Roberson Street, just a few blocks away. Shultz-Thomas says they’re expanding the space and resources to better serve the community.

“Jackhammers and all the things clearing out the walls and then adding larger spaces for ceramics, larger spaces for multi-use facilities whether it’s dance or a music performance,” said Shultz-Thomas.

The ArtsCenter has served more than 1,200 students during summer camps in 2021. According to its website, the center has brought its Artists In Residency programming to 1,275 students in four Orange County elementary schools– essentially bringing art straight to the students.

“Different artists who go into Orange County title one schools and offer arts education…we’re in four schools right now and we hope to be in every school,” said Shultz-Thomas.

Renovations will cost $6.5 million in total and so far, the ArtsCenter has raised more than $4 million from donations and grants.

“Not only are we looking to bring more art, more change and transformation to this community in this space but really if you look at it it’s an indoor-outdoor space there’s green space we want more sustainability education,” said Shultz-Thomas.

There is a “groundbreaking” ceremony taking place outside the new building Thursday at 4 p.m. Renovations are expected to be complete by May of next year.