CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WNCN) — The Chapel Hill-Carrboro school district is one of many districts across central North Carolina who are still short on bus drivers.

District spokesperson Andy Jenks tells CBS 17 they’re needing to hire roughly 20 more drivers.

“You can recruit and hire new folks but, then, others leave for whatever reason; so, there’s this cycle–or circle–of recruiting,” Jenks said.

The district is already thinking ahead to the fall and, with COVID-19 cases dropping and restrictions going away, leaders are hoping for more applicants.

“When we get to August and September, conditions might be different and that might encourage some folks who maybe were a little nervous about driving for various health and safety reasons during the past several months,” Jenks said.

The district is working on a budget proposal that Jenks says could include pay raises for school employees, including bus drivers. It would go to the Orange County commissioners for an approval process over the next couple of months.

District leaders tell CBS 17 no matter what happens, every student will have a ride to school.

“Every student who needs transportation is getting transportation on the school bus,” Jenks said.

For information on how you can apply, click here.