CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WNCN) – Despite the cold weather, thousands of people took to Chapel Hill for Halloween.

Chapel Hill police say they did not need to shut down Franklin Street, and people were able to safely use the sidewalks.

Some party-goers came in from out of town to experience the traditionally busy night on Franklin Street.

“I’m from Graham, North Carolina,” Melody Monroe said. “I really wanted to come here because I’ve always wanted to come to Franklin Street, and I just feel like it’s a big thing.”



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Unlike last year, the rain let up long before the crowds came out, bringing a sense of years’ past before the pandemic.

“As a local, I look forward to it,” Daniel Margolis said. “Every year, you get a lot of creative costumes and a lot of funny costumes and everyone has a great time.”

Police and other surrounding agencies took extra precautions, increasing lights along the main stretch and increasing their presence on every street corner.