CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WNCN) – The search continues for Eno the Emu in Orange County.

Officials with Orange County Animal Services told CBS 17 the Australian bird was last spotted on Tuesday on Eubanks Road in northern Chapel Hill.

While officials continue to search for the lost bird, some folks in the community see this as a teachable moment.

The Chapel Hill/Orange County Visitors Bureau has teamed up with a local advertising agency to create an emu campaign ad that has been posted on social media websites.

“It’s a sweet story and it’s capturing the public’s imagination,” said Laurie Paolicelli, executive director for the Chapel Hill/Orange County Visitors Bureau. “We positioned an outline of the emu bicycling near bicyclists.”

Paolicelli said she hopes this will get the community to be on the lookout and raise awareness about safety if someone happens to spot the emu.

At The Expedition School in Hillsborough, kindergarten teacher Trevia Woods is teaching her students all about emus and some of the children CBS 17 interviewed knew quite a bit.

“We learned that he (Eno) weighs as much as 100 bricks,” said Ethan, a student in Woods’ class.

On Wednesday, the students made a prototype for how they would catch the emu.

“The emu might get sick in the winter and get cold, so that’s why we’re figuring out a trap,” said Kaileigh, another student in Woods’ class.

“It’s hands-on, there is real-world context and they are super engaged,” said Woods. “I hope for a happy ending for the emu.”

If you happen to spot the emu, contact police.