Franklin Street hosts Halloween in Chapel Hill

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Every Halloween, thousands of people of all ages come out to Franklin Street in Chapel Hill. 

“You see something new and creative every year,” Chapel Hill resident Melissa Averett said. 

Lots are dressed up in all sorts of costumes for a special Halloween night. 

“You meet awesome people on the one night of the year you don’t have to be yourself,” Chapel Hill resident Chase Davenport said. 

Halloween is one of the biggest nights of the year for businesses like Sup Dogs and Linda’s Bar and Grill. 

“It’s a ton of people showing off their costumes,” Lauren McCoppin of Sup Dogs said. “It’s a little bit like a fashion show, a little bit like a dance party.” 

“On any given night, whenever we’re busy and people aplenty, and there’s feelings about games and different things, tonight (Halloween), it’s just people getting together to have a good time,” said Chris Carini, Owner of Linda’s Bar and Grill. “There’s no extended purpose for us other than to just show them the best night we can.” 

Chapel Hill town officials said alcohol overdoses are a top concern. 

“People continue to drink throughout the rest of the night, then they go back to their dorm room, their place of residence and then they realize how much they’ve had,” Chapel Hill Community Safety Communication Specialist Ran Northam said. “They realize they’ve been beyond their limit, and that’s where we get the alcohol overdose spikes.” 

Town officials said they employed about 200 public safety officers and set up alcohol checkpoints. 

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