HILLSBOROUGH, N.C. (WNCN) – With the rise of skimmers, you may not know you’ve been robbed until you get your bank statement.

The Hillsborough Police Department is warning people to be careful before they swipe their card.

They’ve had numerous cases of skimmers in the past few days.

Hillsborough Police Sgt. Jason Huey is speaking from experience when he says to be careful where you punch in your debit card pin.

“I’m a victim of my own situation knowing the safeguards that I can take as a citizen. We are still prey to it every day,” said Huey. “Being law enforcement doesn’t mean I’m not gonna be a victim of it myself.”

Huey’s debit card was skimmed at a Cashpoints ATM last year.

“I was taken for over $2,000,” he said.

He said since then he tries to only use the ATM at his bank, but just this weekend, he was hit again at another Cashpoints ATM and skimmed for $480.

Huey said in just the past couple of days there has been dozens of reports of skimmers at Cashpoints ATMS in Orange, Durham, and Alamance counties.

“It’s up and down along the I-85, I-40 corridor,” said Huey. “It seems like they’re victimizing certain locations, placing the skimmers as they travel through the state and then doubling back for the information because of where the monies are being withdrawn.”

Huey said the people involved in the skimming ring who got him the first time were arrested in New Bern on federal charges of aggravated identity theft.

He said if you go to a gas station run your card as credit.

“With everybody going to cashless finances, everybody carrying their debit card with them, any time that you put your PIN number into a point of sale, you’re at risk,” Huey said.

He also recommends using your bank branch’s ATM for cash because they have better quality cameras.

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