HILLSBOROUGH, N.C. (WNCN) — The Town of Hillsborough says their water is safe to drink despite a noticed change to the water’s color.

The town says the water is experiencing discoloration, which is caused by the recent storms and low flow from the Eno River. There are also high levels of sediment in raw water reaching the town’s Water Treatment Plant.

Discoloration is caused by higher levels of the naturally occurring minerals iron and manganese. The town says as of 3 p.m., manganese had returned to near-normal levels.

Flushing also can cause discoloration or air bubbles to appear in water, but customers can run cold water in a bathtub for a few minutes to clear the water. Anyone still seeing discoloration should use the water from their faucets to flush their water lines.

Until discoloration is no longer seen, avoid washing light-colored fabrics, as the higher levels of minerals may discolor the material.

For more information or concerns, residents can contact the Water Treatment Plant at 919-732-3621.